When the dimensions of materials reach the nanometer scale, the objects have fascinating properties, mainly related to principles of quantum mechanics. Our main goal is too deepen our understanding of these properties. Our team belongs to IEMN, one of the few national laboratories with state of the art facilities that allow us to develop processes and applications of nano-scale materials, structure and devices. We are also strongly involved in the development of instruments that are appropriate to probe the matter at the nanometer scale, such as scanning probe microscopies. Although we perform fundamental studies, our research activities include pratical applications  in the fields of solar cells, biosensors and quantum information processing.


Enthousiastic to be implied into studies dealing with the nano-world, we try to share our knowledges as much as possible. This is the reason why we commit into teaching activities at french engineering schools, such as ISEN and at universities. We also take part in conferences and movies for a broad audience in order to give a flavor of the beauty and complexity of this world.