Evelyne MARTIN


CNRS Research Director since 2001

PhD in Materials Science in 1997




Head of the team NAMASTE

Leader ANR Sirena

Member of the e-MRS Executive Committee

CNRS representative at the Research Council – Lille University

Research activities

Computational Physics for Nanotechnologies

Heat transport at nanoscale (self-heating and heat dissipation in ICs, thermoelectricity) – Technological processes : dopant implantation/diffusion in ultrashallow junctions – Recrystallization of preamorphised silicon – Boron transient enhanced diffusion – Optical and electrical properties of porous silicon

Materials : Silicon, germanium, graphene on SiC – Disordered materials : amorphous silicon, silica, germanium, glassy chalcogenides

Theoretical studies, development of simulation methodologies (Approach-to-equilibrium molecular dynamics AEMD) and models, code development

Classical and first-principles molecular dynamics (CPMD) – Finite elements simulations – Tight-binding calculations of electronic structure


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Email: Evelyne.Martin@univ-lille.fr
Phone:    +33-(0)320197919

Avenue Poincaré, CS 60069
59652 Villeneuve d’Ascq cedex – France