Christophe DELERUE



CNRS Research Director.

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Tel.:    +33-(0)320197812

Cité scientifique
Avenue Poincaré
CS 60069
59652 Villeneuved’Ascq Cedex – France




My research interests are in theoretical solid state physics, more specifically in the rapidly growing domains of nanosciences, covering multidisciplinary fields such as semiconductor physics, materials sciences, physical chemistry, optics and quantum transport. I have presently two major centers of interest plus one emerging topic of research.

My first center of interest concerns 0D semiconductor structures such as quantum dots and nanocrystals. These objects can be engineered for a wide range of applications in electronics, optics and photonics. Presently I study inter- and intra-band optical properties, STM spectroscopy, dielectric properties of single dots and assemblies of nanocrystals (super-crystals). I am also investigating properties of nanocrystals which can be of interest for applications in solar cells.

My second center of interest concerns the electronic structure and the transport properties of semiconductor nanowires which will be at the core of future microelectronic devices. We study how the mobility of electrons and holes is influenced by the quantum confinement, the dielectric confinement and the elastic strains.

 Emerging topic: In collaboration with researchers from the university of Utrecht (Netherlands), I am presently working on new materials which present non-conventional quantum phases, including conductors based on Dirac fermions and topological insulators. Our originality is to show that this kind of materials can be obtained from the assembly of nanocrystals made of conventional semiconductors. More…


07/1986: Engineering degree at ISEN (Lille).
07/1986: DEA, University of Lille.
09/1989: Joins the CNRS as a Research Scientist.
1989-1996: Assistant Professor at ISEN.
12/1989: PhD, University of Lille (Material Sciences).
1997-2016: Professor at ISEN.
02/1998: “Habilitation à  Diriger des Recherches” diploma, University of Lille.
1998-2012: Head of Physics Department.
2002-2007: Coordinator of the European RTN network Nanospectra
2003-2008: Co-editor, member of the advisory board – Europhysics Letters.
2005-2008: Member of the “Comité National du CNRS”.
2006-2009: Director of the GDR DFT++.
2008: Ancel Prize – French Society of Physics.